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Payment is currently separate from Online Registration and without payment your registration is not valid.

  1. How to pay​. Check or Money Order, be sure to include your's player's name in the memo section. Do not put your player's ID number on your check.
  2. How much to pay. Registration fee is:
    • $25 - U6 - Intramural
    • $45 - U8, U10, U12, U14 - Recreational
    • $65 - U11 Boys Travel
  3. What am I paying for?
    Your fall registration fee covers just that, playing in the fall. There will be separate fee for spring soccer, if you choose to play in the spring, and that will be provided once we receive the fees from the league. Your fall registration fee goes towards player insurance, league fees, state fees, referee fees (increase each year), maintenance costs, training supplies, clinics, and other items. We are making every effort to keep costs down
  4. Where to send payment. Mail to:
    PO Box 110
    Jonestown, PA 17038


Uniforms will be purchased for all U8 players and above. Thanks to the fundraising efforts, there will not be any additional costs for registration. Be sure to include your player's uniform size when completing their registration. The uniform will consist of a jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks.  The club will purchase one uniform for each player.  If the wrong size is indicated during registration and a new uniform needs to be ordered, that cost will be passed on to the family and must be paid prior to ordering a new one.  Any replacement uniforms will be paid for by the family if lost, torn, or for any other reason.  The same uniforms will be used for fall and spring seasons.


A soccer ball, soccer cleats (shoes) and shin guards are the basics. They are not provided by the club. Each player must have their own soccer ball (size varies by age group, see chart above), shoes, and shin guards.

Online Registration

When you open the registration page, you will need to click on

"Intramural" for U6.  

"Recreational" for U8 and above

"Travel"for U11 boys who have tried out and have been selected by Coach Jason Gray.

Reminder, after you register online remember to mail your payment. 



Important! To be FUlly Registered You Must complete and Know the Following.

please read all of the information below.


The Code of Conduct is for Players, Parents, Guardians, and Coach. By registering your player, you acknowledge the Code of Conduct and will be held to it. You no longer need to mail a copy with your registration. Please take the time to read it here

What does U6, U8, U10, U12 Mean?

The “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U6 should be read as 6 and younger. Age groups no longer match September to August calendar which aligned to most school districts. January to December is now used to align with birth year in accordance with US Soccer Guidelines.

Birth Year Chart



Born in...

2013 or 2012

Born in...

2011 or 2010

Born in...

2009 or 2008

Born in...

2007 or 2006

Born in...

2005 or 2004