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The idea of this age group is to promote the game and good habits. Keep players spread out as much as possible and encourage all players to play offense and defense. Do not allow players to sit back in the defensive half only to block the goal or wait for the other team to come towards them.  This is counterproductive to how we want them to play the game. We want players to score goals in order to experience success.

  • Ball – Size 3
  • Players – 4v4, no goalkeeper
  • Four ten minute quarters with a 5 minute half time
  • Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage of play
  • No offside
  • Fouls will result in a indirect kick, meaning the ball must touch more than one player (teammate or opponent) before it goes into the goal. If a foul is committed within 5 yards of the goal, the ball will be placed 5 yards straight out from the goal. There are no "penalty kicks". Players are not to act as a goalie and are not to stand directly in front of the goal on the goal line.
  • When the ball is kicked complete over the touchline (sideline), the opposing team takes a throw in. Make sure the player taking the throw in has both feet on the ground and both hands must come back over their head before throwing it. DO NOT allow them to throw the ball in improperly!!
  • One coach from each team should be on the field of play to instruct and encourage the players. One coach should have a whistle to start and stop play as necessary. Coaches are to coach, not to get involved in the play.
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